Sunday, August 21, 2005

Aunt Najma and HNK

These two young sisters, Najma (19 [my age]) and hnk (1988 [slightly younger]) are both from Mosul in the North of Iraq. Both are against violence and both are religious, the center of their lives/happiness is the gorgeous Aya who they often help to raise and look after.

The girls both study hard, and Najma has many outside of school lessons, on the way to which she often see's the bad state of things in her town and its surroundings....

Hnk' occasionally gets depressed and worried, but her readers who value her so much seem to keep her bouncing back with their supportive and selfless comments :)

Both girls provide great insight's into what life is really like in Iraq, and they both reply to e-mails if you want to talk with them! Their english is very good, and improving every post they write on their blogs!

I would give them both a really high rating on their blogs, an 8or9 out of 10! Probably an 8/10 for most of the time, but ocassionally they post some 10/10's.

Najma' does a monthly "carnival of the relatives", where she posts on her own blog and Iraq Blog Count the posts of all her relative's that blog. There are many of them including her cousins, aunts, father and sister! They both have links coming off their blogs to other Iraqi and non-Iraqi blogs (like my blog!).

DEFINATELY check these on a daily basis, because they bring news regularly and are often one of the first to know about a lot of things (like Khalid....)

Najma's blog can be found at

Hnk's blog can be found at

Next on the list of reviews will be "Sunshine" and "Mama", their blogs will be reviewed by ME tommorow!

Also, watch for Mike's review of Iraq Blog Count!


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