Friday, September 02, 2005

Iraq Blog Count

This blog is basicly the centre of Iraqi blogging in English with links to over 150 blogs.
There are twelve contributors to this blog and it is updated regularly (daily most of the time), so it is worth checking it out often!

Iraq Blog Count

In my opinion it is a must see blog, if you only have time to quickly visit a few blogs, make sure this one is included!
I myself only recently discovered this blog, about a month ago (have i been living under a rock?).
Most new Iraqi blogs are announced on Iraqi blog count once they are discovered, so if there is a new Iraqi blog, chances are you will find it there.

Important posts from other Iraqi blogs are usually mentioned, so its a great place for finding out news from, especially if you have limited time and cant visit all the blogs you want.
If you havent yet visited Iraq blog count, then go there now! Right this minute!!


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