Monday, September 12, 2005

AnaRki13's blog - Come Get Some

AnaRki13 is a 23year old male engineering student. Blogging from Iraq and sometimes Jordan(recently in particular), the focus of his blog tends to be on Iraq and its affairs. He loves music, plays guitar(or tries to) and has found love, though it is thousands of miles from him.

This blog Come Get Some is popular, and 13 is a contributor to IraqBlogCount also, and good friends with Najma, Sunshine and many other Iraqi bloggers, you may have seen his name pop-up in the comment sections :)

The posts are nicely written, reasonable though often emotional and self doubting.

13' writes about his life, playstation games, studying in Iraq and living in Jordan. His stories are sometimes funny, often sad but always enjoyable to read.

13' has been blogging for just over a year, though at some stages he was too busy and electricity to sparce for him to write much.

One of his more recent posts was about Othman Ali Abdul-Hafedh al-Obaidy, A brave 18yr old iraqi who died after rescuing 7 people who could not swim, after the bridge stampede.

Because he has been known to be a bit lax with his posting, I will have to give him only a 7 out of 10, despite his active participation in the Iraqi Blogosphere!

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