Sunday, November 27, 2005

Don't Bomb Us! Al-Jazeera employee's search for support in their struggle for the truth.


I know I had planned to review a couple of other sites, but this is the blogosphere at its best yet again. A newspaper/media company (Al-Jazeera) has been oppressed for its views and ethnic leanings- and it's employee's have turned to the blogosphere to protect its freedoms and fight for the truth to be revealed.

The blog started after a recent article in the Daily Mirror which referred to a memo in which Tony Blair had reportedly "talked Bush out of bombing Al-Jazeera headquarters in Doha (Qatar)"

This is a concerning prospect for the workers at Al-Jazeera, and not just for fear of their lives, but because it shows Bush's contempt for and desire to close the Al-Jazeera media network.

The blog is only small, and is written by 3 employee's from Al-Jazeera, but has quickly become a centre of attention in the Blogosphere. There is debate and argument/abuse being flung around the comments section, some of which is of top quality knowledge, some of which is mindless name calling.

Either way this blog in the short time it has been operational has become a major factor in what may be another "leak in the boat" for George Bush's presidency.

This blog gets 9/10 because it is way to young for a 10/10. Well done, and know that I am support both your blog and its intentions!

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"Don't Bomb Us" blog address:

while your there, leave some comments- your opinion and send them some email.


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