Monday, November 28, 2005

An Average Iraqi- Hassan's Blog

Hi, as promised I am reviewing Hassan's blog "An Average Iraqi".

The blog can be found at and was started in February this year. Hassan is cousin to Najma , HNK and Sunshine . If you don't know any of these three bloggers, then you need to read more Iraqi' blogs because these three are part of the biggest Iraqi "blog family" in the Blogosphere.

Hassan lives in Baghdad and has been writing about the traditions in Iraq and how things change under war since February (2005), but so far the best post on Hassan's blog was the post "From Salam to Sanyora" which is a chronological biography of the ever-expanding Iraqi Blogosphere (written in english).

The post begins obviously with Salam Pax, and goes through every known Iraqi blog created since then, giving the date of creation, and when the last post was and if the author seems to be still active. It also includes a lot of extra details about how relationships between blogs and members of the blogging community developed and thus dragged more bloggers in... It's a great post and you really should check it out.

This individual post would get a 10/10, and since Hassan is a good friend of mine and has added a link to my own blog (Olive Branch Optimism) he gets a 9.5 for blog over-all, missing out on the .5 only for lack of extra functionality like search, dictionary or discussion forum...

Congratulations Hassan, although your English and writing are still a little rusty, your participation in the blogosphere and your reliability and dedication to your blog has earned you the highest rating yet on the Bloggers Blog of Blogs!!!

Higher than Riverbends!

Keep up the good work Hassan, and post more about the up coming elections :)

-Don't forget to go check itg out, it is well worth your time for anyone with any interest in Iraq.

[olivebranch out]