Friday, December 16, 2005

The Daily Gyaan

I found this blog while random surfing one day a long time ago, resolved to do a review on it, and now am finally getting around to it.

The members of this blog are The Seeker, mad_toothbrush and nonbeing although it seems that The Seeker is the main poster. I find a little humour every time I visit this site, whether it be a snippet said by some famous poet or a witty little comic relating to every day life. I have used many stolen/borrowed bits and pieces to add to my own blog, which I hope is just as amusing *winks*

If you liked Daily Gyaan, check out The Seeker's blog; Seeking and Stumbling, it is also a good read!

Entertainment value: 7/10 in my most boring stages; sometimes I can be amused for hours, going through archives, teehee.